Candid Wines

We distribute organic,

biodynamic, and thoughtfully farmed wines in Illinois.

Among the producers we import and distribute are , we believe, some of the world’s most talented winemakers.

Candid Wines: Organic and Biodynamic wines in Chicago

Jordan, Jessica, Damien & Nadim: Team Candid 2014 (L to R)

We are wine lovers selling wine we love to drink.

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Each member of our team evolved into their role at Candid and in the wine industry after falling in love with wine while doing some other, rather amazing things.

Jordan is fascinated by history and considered a career in museums before stumbling into a restaurant job that lead him to work at Alinea.

Jessica is an engineer by training, earned and MBA, but decided wine was her passion before joining City Winery Chicago, then Candid.

Nadim wrote for the New York Times and others all over the world before a twist of fate landed him at Red and White in Chicago.

As you come to know the Candid team, you will see that we are wine lovers who have made very specific choices to sell wine we love to drink.

Candid Wines Co-Owner Connor O'Rourke serves Santome Prosecco  at Nellcôte

Connor O’Rourke at Nellcôte


Scott Kerrigan of Candid Wines with Fred Scherrer

Winemaker Fred Scherrer with Candid Wines’ Scott Kerrigan.

Scott Kerrigan, Connor O’Rourke, and Damien Casten are partners in the business.  Between them they ensure that we have wine to sell, that said wine is in stock, delivered, and then paid for.

We are nothing without the producers we represent.  We encourage you to click on “Candid Wines: Who” on the side of this page, or visit our Producers page to read more about the people who matter most at Candid.

Natural winemakers at RAW Fair London 2014

Part of the Candid team at RAW Fair London, 2014: L to R: Eric (Lambert), Fred (Ecu), Brianne (Day Wines), Sean (Riecine), Jon (Sainte Croix).

Finally, we are indebted to the work of a wonderful group of young professionals who have interned with us here in Chicago from Universities in South Korea, Germany, and the Netherlands.

We’ve connected with our interns thanks to Intrax, a wonderful agency that places students with American companies.   They have brought a combination of energy, professionalism and curiosity to our office and our operation for which we are constantly grateful.

Intrax Interns at Candid Wines in Illinois.

Connor, Yujin and Damien. Yujin built the bones of this site during her time at Candid.