Santome, Raboso

Santomè Raboso

Raboso is an indigenous variety that is often ignored as it can be tannic and acidic when young, or when produced by the uninitiated. Proponents like the Spinazze family releases the wine late (2005 is current) and allow the grape to stretch its legs in the cellar, rounding out the edges and leading to an unexpectedly distinct and layered red from a corner of Italy known for whites.

Information and tasting notes from the winemaker:

Grape: red
Variety: Raboso Piave 100%
Production area: Carboncine
Municipality: Roncade – Italy
Year of plantation: 2000
Planting density: 5,000 vines per hectare
Yield: 10,000 kg/ha
Yield per plant: 2.00 kg/vine
Plant spacing: 2.50 x 0.80
Size: 3.00 ha
Growing system: guyot
Soil type: clay (50-60%) with “caranto” (compact calcareous mud layer), alkaline
Harvesting period: first week of November
Harvesting: by hand

Transportation of grapes by vibrating conveyor and belt to the destalking machine and vinification tank
Fermentation vat: Ganimede stainless steel vinification tank, which allows gentle pumping over without using mechanical parts
Maceration on the skins: 14/21 days combined with gentle délestage and foulage
Fermentation temperature: 28°C
Yeasts: selected
Malolactic fermentation: total
Maturation period: 30 months in wood
Maturation containers: Tonneau (50%) and 25hl barrels (50%), in fine-grained medium roasted French oak and chestnut
Bottling: January 2010
Bottle aging: 12 months

Name: Raboso Doc Piave 2006
Alcohol by volume: 14.00 %
Total acidity: 6.80 g/l.
pH: 3.36
Total So2: <110 mg/l

Serving temperature: 18/20°C
Colour: intense ruby red with burgundy nuances.
Nose: intense, ripe, combined scent, of great elegance. The Oriental spicy scent is prevailing together with nutmeg and pepper, followed by dry hay and leather. Still apparent is the cherry and marasca cherry preserve. The bouquet is complete with delicate mint and eucalyptus notes.
Palate: full, rich, presenting well–balanced acidity, soft, full-bodied with dry final taste. Well persisting.
In the kitchen: excellent with feathered and fur game, red meat, grilled dishes and very mature cheeses. In long winter evenings it is a great wine to share with friends in large goblets.

Sourced from Tenuta Santomè


All wines at Tenuta Santomè, from their exceptional Prosecco to their rare, indigenous Raboso bottling are produced in the region’s largest and only solar powered facility.

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