Nicole Label

Cosimo Maria Masini Nicole

Nicole is 100% biodynamic Sangiovese from the heart of Tuscan white truffle region. It is fermented with indigenous yeasts and mutured in large barrels. The goal of Cosimo Maria Masini from the vineyard to the cellar is to produce wines with a sense of place, never adding to, or diluting the flavors of each harvest.

From the winemaker:


Grapes are harvested from our young vineyards, with a density of 4000 plants per hectare, and from our oldest vineyards, over thirty years old, with a density of 3000 plants per hectare. The spurred cordon training system is used.

Vinification and refining:

Natural vinification process in open vats, without adding selected yeasts or any kind of oenological adjuvants. Refining in cement tanks for one year; bottling without filtration.

Sensory characteristics:

Ruby red, Nicole is an example of the elegance and delicacy that Sangiovese grapes can offer. Good drinkability, extraordinary harmony and good balance. Tannins are present, but very soft and well balanced. Fascinating complex nose, with distinct fruit sensations.

Sourced from Cosimo Maria Masini

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