A view of the Kremstal wine region.

A Bird’s Eye View of the Kremstal

Michael Malat took me up to the Stift Gottweig for a look at the Kremstal. From this vantage point you can see precisely where the Kremstal becomes the Wachau to the east and far across the valley, where the Kamptal begins.

A few days later, visiting with Emmerich Knoll we had this look back at the Stift Gottweig across the Danube. I took this picture from the Pfaffenberg vineyard, the last site in the Kremstal before the Wachau begins. The Wachau extends to the east, or to the right in this picture. In the foreground, across the river, are the loess dominated soils of the Kremstal that Michael shows in the video.

A view of the Kremstal wine region.

The Danube, the Kremstal and Stift Gottweig

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