A feature film on winemaking in Languedoc

American Filmmaker Ken Payton and his team have been flooding my Facebook stream with superb photos of harvest in Languedoc this fall.   One of my favorites shows Karen Turner and Emmanuel Pageot in the vineyard with their children and captures the sense of family and of place that is my strongest memory of visiting them.

Photo Credit: Ken Payton

The photos preview a film that Ken is shooting with twelve winemakers and family in the region: Les Terroirists du Languedoc, un film.  I don’t know Ken, but I can see in his pictures, and read in his description of the film, that we share a belief that the true pleasure in wine is found not in one instant and one glass, but in it’s ability to connect us with the larger context of a family’s labors, successes and failures.  On his blog, Reign of Terroir, Ken states:

Behind or beneath the popular understanding of wine, its noisy consumerist dimension, where wine functions as fetish and status symbol at least as much as it does a gustatory pleasure, beneath, there is the practical dimension of labor in a broad sense, of winegrowers making day to day decisions bearing directly upon their futures and that of their families. Though a bottle magically appears in a shop, and we may be greeted in a winery tasting room by a well-coifed staff, should we truly care about wine, then we must care about human terroir. My film, Les Terroiristes du Languedoc, is about these things.

via Harvest and Beyond | Reign of Terroir.

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