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Candid Wines is the sum of many parts, and we depend on all of them. We have developed wonderful relationships with winemakers and farmers across the globe thanks to the good work by a few select importers. If you are reading this a distributor in another state who wants to source some fantastic wines from importers with integrity, we encourage you to contact any of the people below.

VinUS: Italy

The seemingly endless energy of Sandra Desourdry and Paolo Bernardi has built VinUS into a importer of small wineries on a national scale. We can’t say enough about their professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to find and maintain relationships. They have a deep understanding of what it takes to grow great wine and what it takes to bring it to this country efficiently.

All wineries that VinUS carries are estate vineyards and generally family owned and managed. VinUS pays special attention to ensure the quality and typicality of the wines we represent. Therefore, before adding a winery to our portfolio, they make sure that vine growing and wine making practices are banning every “artificial” intervention that would spoil the wine of its natural characteristics and would damage the vines and its soil over the time.

From VinUS, we buy the wines of Tenuta Santome, La Pietra Tommassone, Terre di Gioia, Azienda Agricole Casalone, Jasci and the from Sardinia, Tenute Dettori.  Extensive personal, historical and technical information is available on the VinUS website:


Chartrand Imports: France

Paul Chartrand has been importing organic wine since 1985 and continues to travel the world, seeking remarkable producers.

We met Paul and Chartrand Imports when Connor O’Rourke travelled to the Languedoc in Southern France on a trip sponsored by the region. Connor was impressed with Paul’s thoughtful and reserved approach to tasting, drinking and pairing wine, and our commercial relationship was born.

Our offering of family owned wineries in France has nearly doubled in size thanks to Chartrand and we are excited to offer many new regions as well. From Chartrand Imports we offer: Domaine de L’Ecu from Muscadet, Champagne Serge Faust, Domaine St. Anne in Bordeaux, wonderful Burgundies from Guy Chaumont, the pioneering organic growers at Domaine des Cèdres in the Côtes du Rhone, and Beaujolais from Château de Boisfranc.

Paul Chartrand also helps us with some of the wines we Direct Import.  If you see “Imported by Candid Wines,  Rockland Maine” you know it is a wine Paul helps us bring to Chicago.  More information on Chartrand Wines can be found at www.chartrandimports.com

Frances Rose Imports: Germany

The wines at Frances Rose Imports are the result of a partnership between Tracy Plansky here in Illinois and Georg Meuller in the Rheinhessen.

Georg’s relationships in the Rheinhessen with small family owned estates has proved valuable for Candid as we have been able to offer some wines of tremendous interest and value that might otherwise be overlooked in this market.

From Frances Rose Imports, we offer Weingut Schwibinger and Weingut Huff, both of whom farm on the “Red Slopes” in the Rhienhessen, and of course, the incomparable wines of Klaus Peter Keller from Weingut Keller.

Tracy Plansky is a long time partner of ours at Candid, helping us bring the bulk of our French portfolio into Illinois by facilitating the importing process.  Wines that say “Imported by Candid Wines, Huntley Illinois” are wines shepherded by Tracy from the estate to Candid.

Organic Vintners: South America

Paolo Bonetti and his team at Organic Vintners provide us with wines of tremendous value from South America. Paolo is not only an active importer, but he is also a passionate voice for the overhaul of this country’s arcane laws regarding the labelling of wines grown in organic vineyards. We encourage to read about his efforts and consider what truly matters on a label.

Organic Vintners works directly with artisan winegrowers, small estate wineries, cooperatives and family owned farms to find distinctive, handcrafted wines that you are not likely to find or taste anywhere else in the world. All Organic Vintners selections are made from 100% certified organic grapes, grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We feel that our selections from the Organic Vintners Portfolio include some of the best values available from Chile and Argentina for those who enjoy restraint and elegance in their wines. Nuevo Mundo from Chile is the only Certified Carbon Neutral, Organic winery in South America and Pircas Negras, from Argentina’s Famatina Valley is to Mendoza what Oregon is to Napa, not to mention the fact that they are part of an amazing coop of organic farmers.  www.organicvintners.com


Salmanazar: New Zealand

Ant Moore, &Co and more imported to Candid Wines from New Zealand.

Winemaker turned winemaking exporter Gabrielle Simmers of &Co has spurred the growth of an interesting importing company including many excellent producers from New Zealand. In addition to & Co we purchase Ant Moore’s wines from Salmanazar.

Circo Vino: Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia

Circo Vino Imports at Candid Wines in IlliniosThe “Wine Circus” is an importer of remarkable producers from Austria primarily with notable exceptions in Slovenia, Hungary, and Italy.  Peter Veyder-Malbeg, Knoll, Malat, Weninger, and Preisinger are all from Circo Vino and we are thrilled to be able to say that this includes some of the country’s most exciting producers.  The diversity of wine styles that Circo Vino brings to the US is enough to convince anyone to dive deeper into the world of Austrian wines.