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Amphibolite Nature, Landron

Landron at Red and White

Amphibolite Nature

A single vineyard Muscadet from the biodynamic Domaine de la Louvetrie that is bottled with minimal lees aging. This is a wine with strong acidity and minerality that reveals itself a layer at a time. A suggestion of green figs, lemon and possibly rosemary is present on the nose and the wine’s weight is sneaky on the palette. A perfect option by the glass.

Information and tasting notes from the winemaker:


Grape Variety : Melon de Bourgogne blanc

Soil : AMPHIBOLITES. Metamorphic rocks that give to the wine a tender minerality.

Vine age  : 25 to 45 years across 15 acres.

Yields : 45 hectoliter per hectaire in a normal year.

Biodynamic Muscadet from Jo Landron: Amphibolite Nature.

Jo Landron pours his Amphibolite Nature Muscadet.

Winemaking : Harvested by hand, whole cluster pressed and then racked off the heavy lees  into cement tanks with a glass coating.  All native yeast, and temperature controlled fermentations.  Held on lees for four months to preserve freshness.  Naturally occurring Carbon Dioxide is preserved as well to further the wine’s brightness.  This cuvee is never chaptalized and comes in around 11% alcohol.  Bottled without filtration after being cold stabilized.

Sulfites : In order to avoid malolactic fermentation a small does of sulfur is added at the end of the alcoholic fermentation.  The total SO2 is roughly 40 mg/L of which 20 mg/l is free sulfites.

Allergens : Other than the sulfur, this wine contains no allergens.

Bottling time : End of February.

Tasting notes and pairings : The amphibolite soils do not produce a wine for long aging and this refreshing cuvée is intended to be enjoyed from the spring after harvest and over the following year.

A perfect wine for the patio and a plate of oysters (preferably smaller ones with a high saline content), and it will also work well with other seafood with slaty, iodized flavors.

Biodynamic Muscadet from Jo Landron

Amphibolite Nature and Oysters



Sourced from Domaines Landron

What does Muscadet taste like?  

We asked Jo Landron himself for our Ask a Winemaker project:


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