Annick : Cosimo Maria Masini

A blend of Chardonnay (60%) and Sauvignon Blanc (40%) from Cosimo Maria Masini with a surprisingly bright backbone of citrus and white fruits. This is a wine we were served at the winery on the patio under the  ancient oak trees and while we try not to make decisions about new wines rashly, we knew this was for us.  The current vintage is 2014.

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From the Winemaker:


To ensure a good acidity level, we started collecting the Chardonnay grapes as early as August the 30th, until the second week of September, when we started harvesting Sauvignon Blanc grapes, then riped, to give more texture and volume to the Annick. First we selected the grapes in the vineyard, later carefully in the cellar, before pressing.


The year 2010 has been very particular, because of the long period of rains, during the spring and the summer: this results in a wine that is more acid and fresh. 30% of the Chardonnay is soaked overnight, and after sligthtly pressed, while the other grapes are passed directly but gently into the press, without destemming. After a night of clarification, at low temperature, the musts were sent to fermentation, without added yeasts, in concrete tanks. Natural fermentation thus took place for 15 days at a temperature of about 17 degrees. After fermentation the wine remained in contact with grape pulp sediments, for 4 months.

Sauvignon Blanc Annick Tuscany

Sauvignon Blanc for Annick

For a look at the 2015 harvest at Cosimo Maria Masini, see our vintage report here. 

Sensorial charateristics:

Pale yellow colour spectrum shows a very complex nose, fine and beautiful personality. There is a clear impact of riped apples, honey and white flowers. Annick has a strong character, but a good acidity, which gives a fresh sensation. The palate is full and structured, with a more decisive taste.


Classic with fish and crustaceans thanks to its freshness and good structure, it is perfect in combination with typical Tuscan salami, cleaning up the fat and harmonizing flavours.

Sourced from Cosimo Maria Masini

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