Big Jones use of Huff Kerner

Big Jones on Check, Please!

Big Jones and Chef Paul Fehribach on this week’s Check, Please!

The feature shines a light on Paul’s hospitality and some of the inspiration for his food.   I feel fortunate that Jessica has connected our wines with Paul’s food and I love that we can be even a small part of the environment and experience that diners are treated to at Big Jones.

If you head to Andersonville for dinner, look for Domaine Sainte Croix’s “Le Fournas”, Weingut Huff’s Kerner, and Tenuta Santome Prosecco on the list.

Big Jones use of Huff Kerner

Big Jones’ Braised Short Ribs with Dumplings (and Huff Kerner).

In fact, don’t only look for the Kerner on the list, taste it in the Braised Short Rib Dumplings. Paul posted this Morsel a few days ago explaining:

I chose a German qba Kerner (a Riesling-trollinger cross) for the braise because its moderate sugar content would allow for caramelization during the braise, adding another latter to the browning flavors, and it’s forward acidity well would help the finished dish remain light on the palate, in spite of its composition.

Never, ever cook with a wine you wouldn’t be delighted to drink on its own. This Huff Kerner is awesome!