Candid Vin de Noix at The Violet Hour


This perplexing concoction is another exploration of libation creation from The Violet Hour based on a traditional French liqueur: Vin de Noix. The pivotal ingredients of this liqueur are wine, green walnuts, eau de vie, and sugar. Most commonly made with red wine, the folks at the Violet Hour wanted to use a white wine, and one preferably from the South of France for regional authenticity. They chose the white blend “Density” from Domaine Bourdic in the Languedoc. The unique blend of Vermentino and Roussanne offers freshness, texture, and aromatics.


The Vin de Noix highlights the Green Walnut, intentionally picked before full maturity. Traditionally the nuts are harvested between St. Jean’s Feast Day (June 24th) and Bastille day (July 14th). Check out how the Walnuts and “Density” work together at the Violet Hour.

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