Chef Aaron Martinez at Intro dinner with Candid Wines

Intro: Chef Aaron Martinez

Candid wines featured at LEYE's Intro

The Duo of Lamb, pictured above is paired with Domaine Pierre André Châteauneuf-du-Pape, our newest arrival.

Please join us Wednesday night, August 26th when Intro will offer the pairings at 50% off and Damien will be serving as a guest sommelier for the evening.

Staff Training Guide for Intro Wine Pairings with Chef Martinez

Chef Aaron Martinez at Intro dinner with Candid Wines

Below you will find information and links on the wines selected for each course.  These wines will likely change as Chef Martinez modifies each dish.

We are flattered to be selected as the wine partner for this iteration of Intro and I would ask that staff members email me directly with any questions about the wines at


Minimus, Oregon

Minimus #12 Chestnut - Pinot Blanc from Oregon

Featured wine: Pinot Blanc

Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon, US

Description: Minimus wines are either part of the Numbered Series or the Dictionary Series. The first is experimental and the wines are never repeated. #12 was a trial with Chestnut barrels to learn about how that particular wood affects a white wine. There, Chad chose Pinot Blanc as a relatively neutral vector. This will be available by the bottle for a short time but only 2 cases remain for sale in Illinois.

There is a good chance this dish will be paired with the Pievalta sparkling Verdicchio by the glass.

Intro restaurant with Candid Wines in IL

1st course – Salmon w/ Minimus and Pievalta. Photo Credit LEYE

Our in depth series with Chad Stock on Ask a Winemaker:


An interview with Chad Stock on Terroirist:

Winery Page: Minimus Wines
Winery Website:

Pievalta, Castelli di Jesi

Pievalta Perlugo from Italy

Featured Wine: Verdicchio Spumante Brut

Region: Marche, Castelli di Jesi, Italy

Description: A sparkling Verdicchio that jumps out of the glass with unexpectedly rich aromas that develop over nearly 2 years on it’s lees. Funky, delicious, different. 100% Verdicchio from the only certified Biodynamic estate in the Marche.

Intro restaurant with Candid Wines in IL

1st course – Salmon w/ Minimus and Pievalta. Photo Credit LEYE

(Producer’s story)
In 2003, we started working in organic farming and in 2005 we started to work in biodynamic. This kind of agriculture allows us to put in our wines the spirit of our soils: the clay of the northside vineyard and the sandstone of the southside vineyard. You can find the clay’s minerality in our Verdicchio Pievalta. From 2010 vintage our wines are Vegan certified. Certified organic and biodynamic by Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione (IMC) for Organic Demeter for Biodynamic.

Intro test kitchen dinner with Candid Wines

Pievalta Verdicchio Spumante Brut. Photo Credit LEYE


A short history of Pievalta:
Winery Website:

Domaine Guiberteau, Loire Valley

Guiberteau Domaine Blanc from France

Featured Wine: Domaine Blanc

Region: Saumur, Loire Valley, France

Description: Chenin Blanc fans will likely rack their brains for comparisons to their favorite Vouvray and Savenierres producers and try to rank Guiberteau‘s Saumur alongside the best.  The “Domaine Blanc” is Romain’s entry level white and shows all of the precision and focus he is known for.  The acidity in the wine is key to cutting through the sweetness of the watermelon in this dish.

Intro restaurant with Candid Wines in IL

2nd Course – Tomatoes w/ Guiberteau. Photo Credit LEYE

(Producer’s story)

Romain Guiberteau is one of the stars of the Loire Valley today, producing stunning wines from Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc in Saumur.  All grapes at Guiberteau are grown organically and Romain benefits from older vines thanks to his family’s remarkable history in the area.

Held as a prisoner of war for five years , Romain’s grandfather welcomed the daughter of the German family on whose farm he was forced to work during WWII onto his harvest team in Saumur, France in 1963.  Here, Robert Guiberteau, Romain’s father tells the story of this incredible exchange.

More on Guiberteau:

“The Most sought after wine in the Loire Valley”

Visiting Domaine Guiberteau:

Winery Page: Domaine Guiberteau

Malat, Niederösterreich

Malat Grüner Veltliner Höhlgraben from Austria

Featured Wine: Hohlgraben Gruner

Region: Kremstal DAC, Niederösterreich, Austria

Description: Hohlgraben (hole-grah-ben) is a single vineyard site in the Kremstal along the river Danube. Hohlgraben is at the base of a hill called Gottweiger Stiftsberg. This wine is vibrant, a beautiful expression of Gruner Veltliner: Green peas and herbs on the nose with flavors of richer white stone fruits as well that compliment the shellfish sabayon wonderfully.

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Intro restaurant with Candid Wines in IL

3rd Course – Striped Bass with Malat. Photo Credit LEYE

(Producer’s story)
See more with winemaker Michael Malat in this video by Julia Sevenich (

Malat winery in Kremstal region in Autria

Malat winery in Palt, Kremstal, Austria


Winery Page: Weingut Malat
Winery Website:

Barraco, Sicily

Barraco Nero d'Avola from Italy

Featured Wine: Nero d’Avola

Region: Rosso IGT, Sicilia, Italy

Description:  From the vineyard based in contrada Bausa in Marsala the Nero D’Avola grapes are manually harvested toward the end of September.  The grapes are left macerating on skins for 15 days;  a following hand pressing follows.  Absolutely no inoculation it is sone, both for alcoholic fermentation and malolactic.  Wine rests in stainless steel for about a year before bottling and fining another 6 months.  The result is a wine with an intense deep red in color.  The nose is of ripe cherry, black mulberry, anisette, capers and cocoa.  In the mouth is full yet vibrant with flavors similar to the nose.  Long finish.  Temperature of serving 65-68F

(Tasting  Notes)
Eye – intense ruby red
Nose – cherry, black mulberry, capers, aniseed, cocoa
Palate – soft, round, tannic

Pairings at Intro for Aaron Martinez' menu at Intro

4th course – Short Ribs paired with Barraco’s Nero d’avila. Photo Credit LEYE

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Intro dinner paired with Candid Wines

Intro kitchen. Photo credit LEYE

Winery Page: Nino Barraco
Winery Website:

Azienda Agricola Casalone, Piedmont

Casalone Mariposa from Italy

Featured Wines: Mariposa

Region: Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy

Description: Mariposa is made of Bracchetto grape. Its distinctive rose leaf color and wild roses scent is completed by a delicate but vivid taste of rose canina and raspberries. Excellent with chocolate desserts or as a refreshing appetizer wine with charcuteries.

The Casalone Family insists on preserving tannin in this wine, and that backbone is the key to Mariposa’s balance.

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Pierangelo Casalone on his family’s vines in Monferrato:

Winery Page: Casalone
Winery Website: