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Chardonnay from Domaine Guillot Broux distributed by Candid Wines in Illinois

Why is Chardonnay called Chardonnay?

Emmanuel Guillot of Domaine Guillot-Broux makes wine at the estate he and his family have built over three generations in the Macon region of Burgundy, France. During a visit to our offices, he explained the origins of the word Chardonnay, which is the name of a town in Burgundy that is far older than any known […]

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Domaine de L'Ecu at Candid Wines

Fred Niger: Changes in Muscadet

  Domaine de L’Ecu has long set the standard for single vineyard, biodynamically farmed Muscadet.  On an annual visit to Chicago and Candid Wines, Fred Niger sat down with the team at Ask a Winemaker for a conversation that touched on the wines from Granite, Gneiss and Orthogneiss, of course, but also a look at his […]

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Wine is a wePod

(Orange) Wine is a wePod

“The iPod is one symbol of our increasingly fragmented and atomized lifestyle.  Plugged into our own choices of music and culture, earphones seal us off from the outside world.  And yet we join online communities to share thought, ideas, and music. Wine encourages us to take time to share pleasure and communicate face to face. […]

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Biodynamic weed control and green manure at Cosimo Maria Masini

Salmone al Forno con Daphne: Meatless Monday in Texas

Fox News Austin featured Francesco di Fillipis of Tenuta Cosimo Maria Masini in Tuscany and Daniela Marcone of  Andiamo Ristorante in Austin earlier this month ahead of the pairing dinner they co-hosted. In this clip, Daniela prepares a clean and easy oven roasted salmon while Francesco gives an overview of the biodynamic estate. They chose […]

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Charlie Barra showing off his organic grape vines.

Video: The amazing Charlie Barra on buying a California vineyard in 1945

Charlie Barra is just amazing. He put together a deal to lease and then buy his first Mendocino County vineyard in Ukiah, California in 1945. He was a senior in high school at the time. Here is a video from Ask a Winemaker where he describes how he convinced the principal to let him farm […]

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Fred Niger inspects Mark Hayes' tattoo of Jo Landron's Atmospheres.

A Perfect, Bubbly, Storm

Jo Landron and Fred Niger are good friends. Jo and Fred both love great bubbles, and they both make great bubbles.   Mark Hayes, from Pastoral here in Chicago, loves Jo Landron’s bubbles. I mean, this dude loves Atmospheres. So it was with some trepidation that we introduced Fred to Mark at Rootstock. Would it […]

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Charlie Barra and the truck he bought in the 1960's

The Wine Spectator Chats with Charlie Barra

The Wine Spectator’s Associate Editor Tim Fish ( @timfishwine) sat down with Charlie Barra up in Mendocino County recently and seems to have come away as impressed with the man, his work, and his legacy as we’ve been here at Candid as we’ve come to know him. Tim writes “We get so caught up in […]

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