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Biodynamic Sangiovese Natural Wines

Cosimo Maria Masini Vintage Report 2015

Harvest in San Miniato, Tuscany at Cosimo Maria Masini began on August 21st with the Sauvignon Blanc for Annick and then the Trebbianno for their Vinsanto, Fedardo, on the 26th.  Harvest work is completed by a combination of professionals and WWOOFER’s (volunteers looking for experience on organic farms) and seems to combine rigor and precision with […]

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Domaine Bourdic, Languedoc, Winery

Candid Wines at The Empty Bottle Chicago

Heading to the Empty Bottle for a show?  We are pleased to have a wide range of offerings available at this iconic Chicago concert space and dancing destination. Members of the Empty Bottle team – please use the tags below as tasting sheets for each wine, and send us any questions you might have!

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Biodynamic weed control and green manure at Cosimo Maria Masini

Salmone al Forno con Daphne: Meatless Monday in Texas

Fox News Austin featured Francesco di Fillipis of Tenuta Cosimo Maria Masini in Tuscany and Daniela Marcone of  Andiamo Ristorante in Austin earlier this month ahead of the pairing dinner they co-hosted. In this clip, Daniela prepares a clean and easy oven roasted salmon while Francesco gives an overview of the biodynamic estate. They chose […]

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Cosimo Maria Masini Wines at Candid Wines

WWOOF in Tuscany

WWOOF in Tuscany at Cosimo Maria Masini Willing workers can trade labor for housing and food in Tuscany at Cosimo Maria Masini.  The labor is on a biodynamic farm.  The housing is in an apartment on the property, and the food is mostly from the estate’s garden.  A no brainer, for anyone with a strong […]

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Nico Osteria

Candid Wines’ Staff Training Guide for Nico Osteria

Welcome, Nico Osteria team members, and congratulations on joining a great team. This page centralizes many resources on the selections that Bret Heiar has made for the wine list. Please reach out to me if you have any questions on the wines, estates, of farming methods discussed below. Click on any of the estates that […]

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Domaine de L'Ecu Muscadet at Mott Street in Chicago (4)

momofuku meets avec at Mott Street

Throw avec and momofuku noodle bar circa 2005 in a blender and the result is Mott Street, 2013. Myriad other influences seem to have driven the creators of this new Wicker Park gem, but the link between NY and Chicago jumped out at me the instant I walked in the front door. In 2005, avec […]

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Joe's Wine Cellar

Drink at Joe’s

Looking for an outpost for good wine in the Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood? Look no further then Joe’s Wine Cellar located at 2108 W. Division Street. Joe’s Cellar is full up with some fine selections from Candid Wines, that you can pull off the shelf or, if you’re in luck, try at the wine station. Grab […]

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Daphné - Trebbiano with extended lees contact and many layers.

Senza digs Daphné

Cosimo’s “Daphné” is a funky, biodynamic white wine made from Trebbiano that sits on it’s skins for four days, unusual for a white, before fermenting and aging in neutral oak barrels. It’s an intriguing wine about which we receive many calls after people have tasted it at the winery or at a restaurant. It’s one […]

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Through rain and wind and snow, Fred will deliver exceptional Muscadet.

Snow Day!

Snowy weather in Chicago reminds us of how important a good solid winter is for vines all over the world.  We hear again and again from producers that without a break, the incredible engine that is a vine can not produce the sort of fruit that it is capable of without a long winter’s nap. […]

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(Left) Iliana Regan; (bottom right) deer heart with olive oil powder, dill aïoli, pickled onions, celery ribbons, celery seed, and smoked salt

“She forages. She gardens. She cans. She hunts.”

There is a lot more to chew on in Chicago Magazine’s review of Elizabeth than the extract below, but I’ve posted my favorite part as it speaks to the talent, creativity, ingenuity and balance that seem such an integral part of the restaurant’s approach to food. “…no other restaurant in Chicago presents a more undistilled […]

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