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Day Wines from Oregon at Candid Wines in Illinois

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Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports

2015 is a big year for Brianne and Day Wines.  Not only has she dramatically upped her commitment to growers for the total tons of grapes and the total types of grapes that she will by, she has also christened her new winemaking facility in the Dundee Hills. The Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports will […]

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Syrah Viognier Blend Day wines

New arrivals from Day Wines in Oregon

2013 Day Wines Hock & Deuce 80% Syrah / 20% Viognier.   Mae’s Vineyard, Applegate Valley. “When Syrah has Viognier in it the aromatics are off the charts, and I love aromatic wines… If you have a red wine with these aromatics it does something different…you have jasmine and white flowers and citrus blossoms…it sets […]

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