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Zappa Bourdic Languedoc Organic

Domaine Bourdic Zappa

  Domaine Bourdic: Zappa Côtes de Thongue Indication Géographique Protégée (IGP) Organic Syrah and Grenache give this red Languedoc blend body, structure and fruit. At Bourdic, the wines are never heavy or highly alcoholic – a real boon in a region that can produce inexpensive, clunky wines. The secret to Zappa, though, is the small […]

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Making wine in Serbia

Artizone Chicago shares our new sunny, summer whites

It’s a wonderful day here at Candid Wines.  We’ve unloaded an obscene amount of wine from partners in France, Germany, and Serbia (yes, SERBIA!), including many new vintages of old favorites (Lambert‘s Mathilde Rose 2012, Cuvee Marie 1999) and new wines from new producers like Francuska Vinarjia and Domaine Sainte Croix (info coming soon). Among […]

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