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The Man, The Melons, The Mustache. (And a great Bordeaux, too)

This Saturday, March 30th from 3-4:30, Kevin will be pouring wines from the dynamic and wonderfully mustachioed Jo Landron at The Bottle Shop in Wilmette, along with one of the best values from Bordeaux that we’ve come across, Chateau Peybonhomme Les Tours. Kevin will pour Jo’s “Domaine” alongside the “Amphibolite”.  Both of these Muscadet’s are […]

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Jo Landron. Domaine Landron, Amphibolite

What to Pair with Muscadet? Depends on the Muscadet.

Not all Muscadets are made equal, and good Muscadets are rarely made alike. “Amphibolite” from La Louvetrie comes from a tiny parcel in the center of Jo Landron’s pristine vineyards. This is the wine from Jo’s that is meant to be drunk youngest as it sees none of the lees aging that enrich his other […]

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Landron’s Atmospheres: World Domination Continues

I’m convinced that there must be a Sommelier in a wine bar somewhere who does not love Jo Landron’s sparkling “Atmospheres”, but I have not met that person yet.  Remember this is the only wine we’ve ever sold that inspired a tattoo.  (i.e. a tattoo of the label – it’s quite possible we’ve sold wine […]

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