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Fred Niger inspects Mark Hayes' tattoo of Jo Landron's Atmospheres.

A Perfect, Bubbly, Storm

Jo Landron and Fred Niger are good friends. Jo and Fred both love great bubbles, and they both make great bubbles.   Mark Hayes, from Pastoral here in Chicago, loves Jo Landron’s bubbles. I mean, this dude loves Atmospheres. So it was with some trepidation that we introduced Fred to Mark at Rootstock. Would it […]

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Muscadet: A goldmine of value for wine collectors who drink their cellars.

Early in most wine lovers’ introduction to the wines of France comes a lesson on the subdivision of regions within Burgundy into “cru”, some of which produce wines so unique and spectacular they are labelled  “Grand Cru” status.   The underlying social, political, religious, and geological forces which have created this system could well serve as […]

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