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Domaine de l’Ecu Vintage Report 2015

Reports from harvest in Muscadet at Domaine de l’Ecu in the Loire Valley. Photos and updates come from Fred Niger. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook with the #CandidHarvests2015 hashtag. Click here for a full list of our wines from Domaine de L’Ecu on  (Illinois trade only). Domaine de l’Ecu Vintage Report 2015 9.11.15 […]

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Domaine de L'Ecu Muscadet at Mott Street in Chicago (4)

momofuku meets avec at Mott Street

Throw avec and momofuku noodle bar circa 2005 in a blender and the result is Mott Street, 2013. Myriad other influences seem to have driven the creators of this new Wicker Park gem, but the link between NY and Chicago jumped out at me the instant I walked in the front door. In 2005, avec […]

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Rachel loves her some good Muscadet. (Photo Credit: City Winery Chicago)

Domaine de l’Ecu “Classique” 2011 Muscadet now at City Winery (and some songs about Muscadet for Rachel)

Sommelier Rachel Driver Speckan pours some wonderfully diverse and esoteric wines by the glass at City Winery Chicago. One of her latest additions from our portfolio is the Domaine de l’Ecu Muscadet Classique 2011 from Fred and Guy. Rachel was a little peeved that I wrote a silly song / poem about Jeremy Quinn and […]

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Domaine de L'Ecu Muscadet "Classique" 2011

Domaine de l’Ecu “Classique” 2011 Muscadet now at Telegraph Wine Bar

Jeremy Quinn, Sommelier at Telegraph, Reno and of course Webster Wine Bar is pouring the Muscadet Classique 2011 from Domaine de l’Ecu at Telegraph these days. No surprise, along with Craig Perman, Jeremy is one of the city’s leading lovers and promoters of single vineyard Melon de Bourgogne. Craig is in Nantes at l’Ecu literally […]

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Bar Pastoral

The Hungry Hound Digs In at Bar Pastoral

Bar Pastoral has opened to rave reviews from a number of critics and publications around town, not the least of which is Chicago Magazine’s inclusion of them on their list of the Top 6 Wine Bars in the city. Steve Dolinsky, aka ABC 7’s The Hungry Hound, focuses more on the creative small plates, all […]

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Slideshow: A Night at Curtis Duffy’s Grace

Grace has opened to much fanfare, and our friend Huge Galdones and his camera were offered a front row seat in the back of the house for a night of service at one of the country’s most inspired new restaurants. The wine list features many selections from Candid Wines to go with the vegetable and […]

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Organic farming at Domaine Guiberteau in the Loire Valley

Grace, too.

Chef Curtis Duffy and Sommelier Michael Muser open Grace tonight. I share this news with tremendous gratitude and appreciation for their extensive selection of Candid Wines, including offerings from Jean Schaetzel, Klaus Peter Keller, Jo Landron, Pascal and Beatrice Lambert, Guy Bossard and Fred Niger, Cosimo Maria Masini and Fred Scherrer. Perhaps it’s no surprise […]

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Domaine de la Louvetrie, Jo Landron, Muscadet, Atmostphere, Louvetrie, Amphibolite, Fief du Briel, Les Houx

A tattoo of Jo Landron (almost)

Pastoral Artisan Cheese Bread and Wine shops and Wine Bar are dedicated to the details. To help launch the opening of their new wine bar, they invited us in to pour a selection of Muscadets, exploring the effects of age and soil on Melon de Bourgogne when grown by people like Jo Landron and Guy […]

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MUSCADET Sèvre et Maine - GRANITE - Domaine de l'écu

MUSCADET Sèvre et Maine – GRANITE – Domaine de l’écu

Domaine de l’Ecu‘s 2010 “Expression de Granite” is one of the main reasons that we have wanted to work with the estate. The wine is glorious young – a bundle of citric energy wound around a dense core of white fruits – and it only reveals the depths of its flavor with time. It’s a […]

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