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Organic farming at Domaine Guiberteau in the Loire Valley

Grace, too.

Chef Curtis Duffy and Sommelier Michael Muser open Grace tonight. I share this news with tremendous gratitude and appreciation for their extensive selection of Candid Wines, including offerings from Jean Schaetzel, Klaus Peter Keller, Jo Landron, Pascal and Beatrice Lambert, Guy Bossard and Fred Niger, Cosimo Maria Masini and Fred Scherrer. Perhaps it’s no surprise […]

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Domaine Martin Schaetzel, Schaetzel, Martin Schaetzel

Alsace’s newest Grand Cru Vineyard, Kaeffekopf

From just one Grand Cru Vineyard, Jean produces as many as seven different wines, vinifying and bottling Riesling and Gewurztraminer from different types of subsoil separately. Jean’s “Gewürztraminer Kaefferkopf” is a stunning value, while his “Cuvée Catherine” is rich and broad’ a testament to what good Gewurtz can be.   Read more about Schaetzel

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Schaetzel's Cellar

Domaine Schaetzel featured at Leopold

Chef Jeffrey Hedin takes us on a Tour d’Alsace this month at the West Town Restaurant Leopold. The French/Belgian inspired cuisine blende elegance, rusticity, and welcoming flavors. Owner/GM Christy Agee featurs a region, libation, or producer to enhance seasonal menu changes, and her April focus is hyper specific, featuring multiple wines and vintages from the […]

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Jean's Father and Uncle in Rubble

Schaetzel, World War II & Ammerschwihr

Sadly, natural resources and a central location, have also made Alsace one of the continent’s most fiercely contested territories. During the Middle Ages, fortified towns and cities were conceived and built as safe havens for the surrounding population. Long before wine writers would explore geological diversity amongst Grand Cru vineyards, rocks of a startling range […]

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