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Organic Serbian Chardonnay Roglievo

Francuska Vinarija Tanja

Francuska Vinarija Tanja “Tajna” is 100% Chardonnay from Cyrille and Estelle Bongiraud, the Burgundian couple who have set up shop in Roglievo, Serbia.  We’ve thought from the start that it is reminiscent of White Burgundy from a much higher price point.  It’s made exactly as many “classic” Burgundian Chards are made: After harvest, it’s pressed […]

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Winemaking in Roglievo, Serbia

Serbian Wine: The promise of new traditions

Serbian wine have long been produced on the banks of the Danube, and  it is only in the last five or six decades that the Western world has forgotten about them.  Today, emerging from decades of economic strife and the ravages of war, serbian wine is experiencing something of a rebirth. Cyrille Bongiraud and Estelle Germain, […]

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TÊTE Charcuterie – Staff Training & Tasting Info

  Candid is excited to be working with Co-executive chefs Thomas Rice and Kurt Guzowski on their long awaited sausage and charcuterie mecca TÊTE! Included below are details, stories, photos, and videos to introduce you to the producers who make the wonderful wines on the Tete wine list. Champagne Pierre Moncuit, Le Mesnil, France Featured […]

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Francuska Vinarija

Francuska Vinarija featured in Decanter

The lost vines of Europe By Jane Anson – Decanter 18 JUL 2013 ‘All the best terroirs in France have been discovered,’ Cyrille Bongiraud explains, offering a glass of his Serbian wine, made from the Vranac grape. ‘They are either taken or inaccessible in terms of price. So when we wanted to make our own […]

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