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Candid Wines Temple Bar Chicago

Wine at Temple Bar Chicago

New Wine at Temple Bar Chicago Candid Wines is excited to work with Temple Bar Chicago to present a new and exciting selection of wines.  Click through the tabs below to learn more about each bottle on the list, from technical information to videos with the producers.

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Water from the Barra's reservoirs protect their grapevines during spring frosts.

California drought: A veteran winegrower weighs in – Video

Charlie Barra, a veteran of 68 grape harvests in Mendocino County says the 2013 / 2014 drought is the worst he has ever seen, including the the drought of 1978. When I sat down to ask Charlie questions on film for Ask a Winemaker about the drought, I was surprised to learn why he was […]

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Charlie Barra showing off his organic grape vines.

Video: The amazing Charlie Barra on buying a California vineyard in 1945

Charlie Barra is just amazing. He put together a deal to lease and then buy his first Mendocino County vineyard in Ukiah, California in 1945. He was a senior in high school at the time. Here is a video from Ask a Winemaker where he describes how he convinced the principal to let him farm […]

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Green City Market Chef's Barbeque 2012

The Green City Market Chef Barbeque – A Candid Wines’ Favorite

The hottest event of the summer when it comes to food and wine is literally and figuratively The Green City Market Chef Barbeque.  We love the event and look forward to coming up with a creative table each year at which to pour wines from Girasole Vineyards. This year’s barbeque is tomorrow and tickets are […]

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Girasole wines

Buy Girasole Vineyards Wine in Chicago

Girasole Wines – where to buy and drink them! in a larger map See current pricing and vintages all of our wines from Girasole Vineyards on (Industry only). Our introduction to Girasole Vineyards came in the form of a glowing review that called their Pinot Noir one of the “best values” in America.  What […]

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Charlie Barra and the truck he bought in the 1960's

The Wine Spectator Chats with Charlie Barra

The Wine Spectator’s Associate Editor Tim Fish ( @timfishwine) sat down with Charlie Barra up in Mendocino County recently and seems to have come away as impressed with the man, his work, and his legacy as we’ve been here at Candid as we’ve come to know him. Tim writes “We get so caught up in […]

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Uncommon Ground leads the way (yet again)

Researchers at U of I Urbana found that Chicago is replete with gardens that are off the radar, but not out of sight – if you are able to look down from a bird’s eye view that is.  This comes as no surprise for those of us who have seen the public embrace Uncommon Ground […]

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Girasole Zin, Faith's Farm Pork and Coop Hot Sauce

Local pork, peppers, and…Pacino?

Tuesday “Booze Day” tastings at Green Grocer Chicago are always fun thanks to the thoughtful customers who frequent the store. 5 to 7 seems to be the time when local residents are coming in for their CSA, a last minute ingredient for that night’s dinner, and often, a bottle to pair with whatever they are […]

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Cru Wine Bar logo

Cru Unveils Wine List

Few spots in the city have more regular surprises that Feast on Damen Ave.  That’s because Bret Heiar is always looking around town to see what sort of new grapes are being grown around the world and what wine regions are emerging or re-emerging at the moment.  You’re likely to find indigenous grapes from Portugal, […]

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