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Water from the Barra's reservoirs protect their grapevines during spring frosts.

California drought: A veteran winegrower weighs in – Video

Charlie Barra, a veteran of 68 grape harvests in Mendocino County says the 2013 / 2014 drought is the worst he has ever seen, including the the drought of 1978. When I sat down to ask Charlie questions on film for Ask a Winemaker about the drought, I was surprised to learn why he was […]

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Girasole Zin, Faith's Farm Pork and Coop Hot Sauce

Local pork, peppers, and…Pacino?

Tuesday “Booze Day” tastings at Green Grocer Chicago are always fun thanks to the thoughtful customers who frequent the store. 5 to 7 seems to be the time when local residents are coming in for their CSA, a last minute ingredient for that night’s dinner, and often, a bottle to pair with whatever they are […]

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