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Charlie Barra and the truck he bought in the 1960's

The Wine Spectator Chats with Charlie Barra

The Wine Spectator’s Associate Editor Tim Fish ( @timfishwine) sat down with Charlie Barra up in Mendocino County recently and seems to have come away as impressed with the man, his work, and his legacy as we’ve been here at Candid as we’ve come to know him. Tim writes “We get so caught up in […]

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Winemaker Jason Welch (left) with Charlie Barra of Girasole. Barra has grown grapes for 57 years. Photo: Liz Hafalia, The Chronicle / SF

Girasole Vineyards: A “Benchmark”

While we here in Chicago are working to give away gift certificates for home delivery of groceries and Girasole wine from, writers for the San Francisco Chronicle have flocked to the Barra’s to find great value in California wine. For even more value from Girasole, head over to Green Grocer Chicago and Artizone Chicago […]

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