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Cabernet Franc at the biodynamic estate of Pascal Lambert in Chinon

Lambert Mathilde Rosé : 2014

  Lambert Mathilde Rosé : 2014 • Variety : 100% Cabernet Franc.  All grapes at Lambert are the product certified organic (Ecocert)  and biodynamic farming. • Terroir : a mix of gravel with clay and silex in Chinon and Cravant-les-Coteaux. • Vine age : 10 to 50 years. • Yields : 45 hectoliter per hectaire to  à 50 hL/ha. • Harvest : hand harvested, […]

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Cuvee Marie

Cuvee Marie, Chinon

Vineyard: – Age of the vines: 55 to 70 years , – Soil: clayey terraces and gravel (colluvium) and clay-siliceous – Location: 3 plots of Cravant-les-Coteaux – Farming: Ecocert certified organic agriculture AB , biodynamic Varietal: Cabernet Franc 100% Yields: 30 hl / ha Harvest: manual sorting table in the winery and gravity fed into […]

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Vineyard's are worked with horses at Les Chesnaies

A brief history of Les Chesnaies by Pascal Lambert

Vineyard work comes with free soil enhancement by the work force at Les Chesnaies. Pascal and Beatrice Lambert parked a camper van on a small parcel of Pascal’s parent’s domaine in Coteaux les Cravant, Chinon in 1987.  From those humble beginings they have built a thirty five acre, biodynamic estate that is one of the exemplars of certified organic […]

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Les Terrasses

Les Chesnaies “Les Terrasses”, Cabernet Franc, Chinon

Pascal and Beatrice Lambert grow Cabernet Franc that epitomizes great Chinon: structured wines that develop both in the glass and in the bottle. The biodynamic domain has been farmed sustainably since the Lamberts purchased the property in 1987 from Pascal’s family and began building the winery and their house by hand while living in a […]

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