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Candid Wines Temple Bar Chicago

Wine at Temple Bar Chicago

New Wine at Temple Bar Chicago Candid Wines is excited to work with Temple Bar Chicago to present a new and exciting selection of wines.  Click through the tabs below to learn more about each bottle on the list, from technical information to videos with the producers.

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Nuevo Mundo, Maipo Valley

“Give me soft, soft static”…(Or maybe soft, soft tannin)

When does organic, Chilean Carmenere remind me of an independent, Scottish band? When the Carmenere is reviewed by a really enthusiastic Scottish wine merchant from Oddbins in Glasgow, that’s when. I’ll leave you to figure out why, accepting that the connection here is one that might be apparent only to my odd brain. The “View […]

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Joe's Wine Cellar

Drink at Joe’s

Looking for an outpost for good wine in the Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood? Look no further then Joe’s Wine Cellar located at 2108 W. Division Street. Joe’s Cellar is full up with some fine selections from Candid Wines, that you can pull off the shelf or, if you’re in luck, try at the wine station. Grab […]

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Big store, old fashioned family feel – Glencoe News

When NBC News Correspondent Mike Leonard was crafting a piece on civility or the lack thereof in American society, he chose to feature The Grand Food Center. As Leonard says about The Grand, “This is a culture where there’s real human, face-to-face interaction, and that developed because of management and who they employed, and customers […]

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Nuevo Mundo Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Shot

Nuevo Mundo Sauvignon Blanc

This stainless steel fermented Sauvignon Blanc is crisp, fruity, and light. The grapes were picked at their optimum ripeness for an aromatic, fresh and balanced wine, showing all the potential of this beautiful terroir. Like all the Nuevo Mundo wines, it is produced from organically farmed grapes in Chile’s Isla de Maipo region and is certified carbon neutral. Rapidly becoming one […]

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