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Riecine: Why?

Why might you want to dive into the wines of Riecine?  We think they are among the most pure expressions of Sangiovese that can be found in Chianti Classico, and we love Sean’s approach to both farming and winemaking.  Here is just one reason, filmed at the winery a few years back for Ask a […]

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Riecine Sangiovese Chianti

Riecine Chianti Classico

  Riecine Chianti Classico Riecine’s goal is as simple as it is lofty: To produce the finest Sangiovese-based wines in the world. Winemaker Sean O’Callaghan oversees production from vine to bottle.  Farming is strictly organic and Sean does not blend his Sangiovese with other grapes as is allowed in the region.  The Chianti Classico is […]

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