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Santome, Raboso

Santomè Raboso

Raboso is an indigenous variety that is often ignored as it can be tannic and acidic when young, or when produced by the uninitiated. Proponents like the Spinazze family releases the wine late (2005 is current) and allow the grape to stretch its legs in the cellar, rounding out the edges and leading to an […]

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Santome Cabernet Sauvignon

Santomè Cabernet Sauvignon

Santomè’s  Cabernet Sauvignon grows on the winery’s home vineyards south of the Piave river where four to six feet of clay, limestone, and chalk underlie  the topsoil.   The  elegant and restrained tannic backbone of this wine is reminiscent of Bordeaux that please without modern pretension. The grapes ferment in stainless steel “Ganimede” tanks that […]

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Santome Chardonnay

Santomè Chardonnay

Fermented in an equal blend of stainless steel and Slovenian oak, this is a mid-weight Chardonnay with a vibrant finish and elegant mouthfeel. Quite a versatile wine thanks to its balance of tropical fruit notes, fresh garden herbs, and white flowers. Information and tasting notes from the winemaker: VINEYARD Grape: white Variety: Chardonnay 100% Production area: Carboncine […]

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Santome DOCG

Santomè NV Prosecco Brut Conegliango Valdobbiadene DOCG

A brand new vineyard for the Spinazze family in the heart of DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene, the center of the Prosecco designated area. Vinified dry, this Brut has to be one of the best values in sparkling wines we’ve tasted. Information and tasting notes from the winemaker: VINEYARD Grape: white Variety: Glera 100% Production area: Collalto – […]

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Santome Prosecco Bru

Santomè Prosecco NV Brut DOC

Laws for Prosecco ensure that the Prosecco grapes are grown in a small region and there is a quiet revolution going on. Santomè goes a step further, using native yeasts and using only Prosecco (aka Glera) grapes in their Brut and Extra Dry Proseccos. This extra step leads to a purity rarely found in Prosecco, […]

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