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Zinfandel vines planted in 1912, Sonoma California

Scherrer Old & Mature Vine Zinfandel: A Wine Spectator Personal Top Ten of 2013

The people, the meal, the moment. Fred Scherrer has always made wines with the idea that they would be part of a larger whole; a pairing, an experience, a group of people gathered to celebrate. I love that this, along with the elegant, reserved nature of the wine is the focus of Tim Fish’s review […]

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Whole cluster pressed, barrel fermented Rosé from Porter Creek

Porter Creek 2012 Rosé

2013 has been the year of Rosé here at Candid with Lambert’s “Mathilde” made from Cabernet Franc and Scherrer’s “Dry Rosé” made from Grenache and Syrah going out the door fast than ever.  To beef up our offering we added the Barra‘s Rosé of Pinot Noir for the first time and direct imported Dominique and […]

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Scherrer Rose 2013 now shipping, while supplies last.

Everyone can be a winner on opening day in Chicago: Scherrer Rosé arrived today.

The 2012 Rosé from the Scherrer Winery arrived this morning – one of our most anticipated Rosés each year. Continuing his migration to the style of the southern Rhone, Fred made this from Grenache and Syrah only, choosing to up the amount of Grenache to 40%, and as always, fermenting it to a wonderful bone […]

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Stacked Barrels

How To Make Chardonnay (Part 5): Fermenting Helfer Chardonnay at the Scherrer Winery

The presses are just beyond the insulated wall. The Chardonnay is being pumped into the stainless steel tank in the corner on the right. The juice from the two presses is combined and left to sit over night. The next day, Fred will inoculate, or add yeast, before pumping the juice into wooden barrels. The […]

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Fred Scherrer and Don Helfer

How to Make Chardonnay (Part 2): Harvesting Grapes at the Helfer Vineyard

October 12th, 2006, 2 PM. The decision of when to harvest is crucial. Don Helfer (standing) brings a few clusters of his Chardonnay to the Scherrer Winery for Fred to evaluate. The grapes are healthy, but the cool end of season weather is making Don nervous. He and his wife Patricia literally work all year […]

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Real 2

How to Make Chardonnay (Part I): On the Vine at the Helfer Vineyard

Don and Patricia Helfer planted this tiny vineyard which butts up to their backyard in 1993 after tasting the success their neighbor Steve Kistler was having with his vineyards a quarter of a mile away. What you see here is the entire vineyard. Fred Scherrer buys their crop and produces 40 to 50 cases of […]

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Scherrer Vneyard Cropped

The Old Zinfandel Vines at the Scherrer Winery

In 2009, Ed Scherrer gave me the better part of a day, allowing me to pester him with questions on everything from the family history to viticulture to how he grows tomatoes (he has a terrific system). In this video, Ed shows off one of the year’s best looking Zinfandel vines. At the time of […]

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Press Filled with Helfer Chardonnay

How To Make Chardonnay (Part 4): Pressing Helfer Chardonnay at the Scherrer Winery

  Fred Scherrer loads the 2006 Helfer Vineyard Chardonnay into his Swiss and German presses. Inside of the press is a rubber bladder that Fred slowly inflates to gently squeeze the juice from the grapes. Red wines need to stay in contact with their skins to extract tannins and color. Chardonnay is a little like […]

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Fred Strumming Away

The Prince of Pinot’s regal review of Scherrer

Dr. William “Rusty” Gaffney is a longtime supporter of Fred Scherrer’s wines and writes enthusiastically about him in his newsletter The Prince of Pinot.  In fact, we owe our relationship with Fred to Rusty, who introduced us years ago.  It is not unusual to find that a winemaker’s personality is reflected in the style of his wines. […]

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