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Harvesting Pinot Noir in the Gunsalus Vineyard

Josh Raynolds on Fred Scherrer

“I continually learn from Fred. I think he would have made an amazing professor… I think it’s great that people are finally realizing how cool (the wines) are. they are ego free. That’s rare.” Josh Raynolds on Fred Scherrer. “Everybody I know, including me, ends up late to his next appointment. There aren’t that many […]

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Fred Scherrer inspects Chardonnay in the bladder press.

Video: Why Fred Scherrer whole cluster presses Chardonnay grapes

Fred Scherrer loads whole clusters of berries, skins, seeds, stalks and all into his presses at the Scherrer Winery and then presses the juice out of them very gently. This is a trick he “stole” from Champagne and sparkling producers who want only the finest juice, and it is also the technique used at Domaine […]

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Scherrer Cabernet at Prasino Wicker Park

Thanks to Keith Malini, GM at Prasino Wicker Park, for bringing a selection of Fred Scherrer’s wines onto his list. The restrained tannins of the Sonoma Co. Cabernet work very well with chili spice and red meat. I want to pair it with Chef Halverson’s Ancho Braised Lamb Shank.   The video below captures Fred […]

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Scherrer Winery: Why

Why might you want to try a bottle of wine from the Scherrer Winery? Fred is one of the most thoughtful and well versed winemakers we know and you are as likely to learn something about wine from his bottles as you are from talking to the man himself.  Take your time, prepare some great […]

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Stacked Barrels

How To Make Chardonnay (Part 5): Fermenting Helfer Chardonnay at the Scherrer Winery

The presses are just beyond the insulated wall. The Chardonnay is being pumped into the stainless steel tank in the corner on the right. The juice from the two presses is combined and left to sit over night. The next day, Fred will inoculate, or add yeast, before pumping the juice into wooden barrels. The […]

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2006 Scherrer Winery Helfer Vineyard Chardonnay

How to Make Chardonnay (Part 3): Harvested Grapes at the Helfer Vineyard

The small dark spots are equivalent to freckles. The grapes with a purple tinge have been affected with the first stage of botrytis, or Noble Rot. I tried to help harvest the grapes at the start of the morning, but I was so much slower that the rest of the team that I was literally […]

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Press Filled with Helfer Chardonnay

How To Make Chardonnay (Part 4): Pressing Helfer Chardonnay at the Scherrer Winery

  Fred Scherrer loads the 2006 Helfer Vineyard Chardonnay into his Swiss and German presses. Inside of the press is a rubber bladder that Fred slowly inflates to gently squeeze the juice from the grapes. Red wines need to stay in contact with their skins to extract tannins and color. Chardonnay is a little like […]

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