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The Hipping Vineyard looking down on the river Rhine.

Video: Riesling from the Red Slope: The Rheinhessen’s Roter Hang

In this video from Ask a Winemaker Fritz-Josef Schwibinger of Weingut Schwibinger in the town of Nierstein talks about the “Roter Hang” or “Red Slope” that dominates the northern end of the German wine region, the Rheinhessen. Situated on the banks of the Rhine River, the Red Slope is composed of an iron rich clay […]

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(Left) Iliana Regan; (bottom right) deer heart with olive oil powder, dill aïoli, pickled onions, celery ribbons, celery seed, and smoked salt

“She forages. She gardens. She cans. She hunts.”

There is a lot more to chew on in Chicago Magazine’s review of Elizabeth than the extract below, but I’ve posted my favorite part as it speaks to the talent, creativity, ingenuity and balance that seem such an integral part of the restaurant’s approach to food. “…no other restaurant in Chicago presents a more undistilled […]

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Chef Andy Motto cooking with Turner Pageot

Candid Wines Dinner at Quince

Candid Wines partnered with Quince and Vinic Wine Co. to host a dinner on Thursday, Nov. 5, highlighting the seasonal cuisine of Chef Andy Motto, and a handful of the sustainable wineries in the Candid portfolio. I think it was a clear reminder of the special connection between wine and food. Here’s a recap of […]

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Klaus Peter and Damien in the Hubacker Vineyard

After the Debacle Called Liebfraumilch –

Wine writer Eric Asimov has long been a fan of Klaus Peter Keller’s wines. There is a resurgence in the Rheinhessen that he captures nicely in this column in the New York Times. Asimov details the work Keller has done near the estate in Florsheim-Dalsheim as well as the revival of Nierstein as one of […]

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VDP Classification: The Classification Model

Germany’s “Verband Deutscher Qualitäts- und Prädikatsweingüter” (VDP), an association of top estates, provides a wonderful source of information on the regions and the estates that are among that country’s best. The text that follows regarding the classification is sourced directly from the VDP site: The VDP Classification Model A milestone in the classification of […]

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Rheinhessen Map Photo

VDP Classifications: The Rheinhessen

Germany’s “Verband Deutscher Qualitäts- und Prädikatsweingüter” (VDP), an association of top estates,provides a wonderful source of information on the regions and the estates that are among that country’s best. Candid Wines works with three estates in the Rheinhessen, Huff, Schwibinger and Keller. We share the information and the list of all producers because it is […]

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Map of Nierstein

Getting to Know the Rheinhessen

Enjoying wine without knowing a little about the place is great, but understanding where the vine sank it roots always seems to make the wine taste better. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of Schwibinger, Huff, or another wonderful producer from this corner of the Rheinhessen, here’s a concise overview of the Rheinhessen from the Wine […]

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Soil Cross Section

Why the “Red Slopes” of Nierstein Grow Happy Vines

The Red Slopes along the Rhine river outside of Nierstein stands out from the neighboring areas in the Rheinhessen. It’s a small band of steep hills that are much different from the plains that are more known for the volume of grape juice that they produce versus the quality saught after by oenophiles. Although Germany […]

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