Organic Red Wine Corbieres Chicago

Celestra – Library Release from Sainte Croix

Celestra: What’s old and new from Sainte Croix

Celestra Organic Red Wine Grenache Corbieres Chicago

Celestra: a Grenache dominated blend from Sainte Croix in Corbieres – 2005 and 2013 available now.

Following Liz Bowen’s visit to Chicago where she shared a few bottles of one of her and Jon’s early bottlings of Celestra, we are pleased to share a library selection of the 2005 along side the current release, 2013.

Buyers – please note that we have only 13 cases of the 2005, so if you tasted the wine during Liz’s visit, please let us know of your interest right way.

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From Domaine Sainte Croix:

Celèstra – A Grenache-based blend allying freshness and florality with power and richness. Blackcurrant, white cherry, blackberry with floral background, complemented with spice notes. Dense and stylish fruit with a lifted spice note on the finish.

The name of our top level red, Celèstra is taken from an Occitan word for blue (origin latin caelum, meaning sky…). A large part of the Grenache in this cuvée is from a parcel of blue volcanic peridotite. Also, as a wine with a highly Languedocian profile, it could be said to be from ‘le grand bleu’.

Celestra Sainte Croix Corbieres Organic red wine

Photo: Jon Bowen

From the day Jon and Liz purchased Domaine Sainte Croix, they’ve farmed the property organically, eschewing herbicides and pesticides from the start. They are now certified organic and all wines are labelled as such. That is an interesting part of the comparison here as the 2005 shows the initial results of their work where the 2013 demonstrates an additional eight years of careful farming. Of course, there are changes in the winery as well, but for the sake of this post, we’ll focus on the farming.

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