Clos des Guichaux

Clos des Guichaux, Domaine Guiberteau

Clos des Guichaux

Clos des Guichaux

When to drink : 5 to 10 years after harvest.

Grape Variety : Chenin Blanc

Age of the vines : 2003

Pruning : Guyau Val de Loire

Soil type: Chalk and clay

Vineyard size: 1,4 hectaires / just over 3 acres. 

Harvest: Whole clusters are gently pressed in a pneumatic press. 

Fermentation : native yeasts, lightly filtered to clear away yeasts likely to start a second fermentation. 

Elevage : On fine lees in barrels that are 2, 3, and 4 wines old, for 10 months. 

Yield: 45 hl / ha

Planting density : 5 500 vignes per hectaire. 

Total production : 8 000 bottles. 

All harvesting is done manually with an initial sort before the grapes are transported to the wines.  The wines are never chaptalized. 

Drink some at Embeya, Tru, Sepia or Rootstock.

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