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Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports

2015 is a big year for Brianne and Day Wines.  Not only has she dramatically upped her commitment to growers for the total tons of grapes and the total types of grapes that she will by, she has also christened her new winemaking facility in the Dundee Hills.

The Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports will be a combination of the harvest and the new winery as the very first grapes are made into wine on site.  Exciting times indeed.

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Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports 9.20.15

Update from Brianne – no pictures needed.

Each harvest there are a few days where I’m so tired that I cry a lot – which can be a little alarming to those around me. It’s always about good things though. Today I came into the winery and saw my Quady North/Mae’s Vineyard Cab franc and it was so beautiful I got choked up. Then I was doing pigeage in my Cancilla fermenters and the spicy/floral aromas were so sweetly nostalgic and ethereal that I cried a little – and when Ken called just now and told me I would receive one more fermenter of fruit I hope he didn’t notice that I was holding back tears. After I run my pH’s and brix I think I’m going to lay in bed and watch terrible chick flicks about true love, and family dogs dying and heartbreak and get this out of my system.

And to those in the winery around me – sorry guys, I’m fine, I just need a nap.

Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports 9.12.15

“Janet started working with me this past summer – she was recommended to me because of her superlative forklift skills and sharp, quick brain. I am so grateful, every day, to have her on our team. She sees the whole picture including details I miss & is constantly looking for ways to improve our efficiency and safety. She also is a Mom (of three) and takes care of me everyday; making sure I eat lunch, making me her incredible guacamole (on her days off!) – it’s amazing to feel taken care of by an employee/friend. Love this lady! ❤” – Brianne

Oregon Harvest 2015

The French have a term for women who keep everything moving forward “La femme qui fait tout”. Janet is that woman at Day Wines.

Ross Maloof checked in with a number of pictures as he works with Brianne this harvest.

Day Wines Press Juice White Wine

Photo Ross Maloof


Day Wines Pinot Noir Harvest

Checking Brix levels on 2015 Pinot Noir.

Oregon Pinot Noir Harvest 2015

Open top fermenter. Photo: Ross Maloof

Day Wines 2015 Pinot noir Harvest Candid Wines 5

Photo Credit: Ross Maloof

Day Wines 2015 Pinot noir Harvest Candid Wines 4

Days from harvest 2015. Photo: Ross Maloof

Day Wines Pinot Noir 2015

Photo Credit: Ross Maloof

Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports 9.11.15

Crowley Station Pinot noir Day Wines

Chicagoan Terry Kaney at work sorting Pinot Noir.

Photo: Ross Maloof

Brianne says: This is Terry – he came out from Chicago (where he works in the wine dept at Plum Market) to work the harvest with me for an entire month! His support for Oregon wine spans decades and his perspective and knowledge of the Willamette Valley are as deep as any natives. I feel really lucky to have his experience and point of view on my team, not to mention his unwavering hard work!

Day Wines Candid Wines Oregon Organic Pinot Noir

Brianne Day at work in the brand spanking new facility she has spent the year building. Photo: Ross Maloof


Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports 9.10.15

Hock and Deuce 2015 is in the fermenter.  In seeing this picture I asked Brianne:

Does the Viognier rise to the top faster or is this just mostly Viognier? I would have thought that you are co-fermenting everything at the same % as the final. 

She says:

I processed 1.5 tons of Syrah first, then .25 tons of Viognier on top. Once fermentation gets rolling the fruit gets more integrated. In the second fermenter (behind Ross) I processed the Viognier first, so Syrah is on top. It’s just a logistical thing.

Organic Syrah Viognier Oregon Day Wines Candid Wines

Oh and this year is 20% Viognier, just like in 2013. I liked it so much that year I thought we should do it again!

Organic Syrah Viognier Oregon Day Wines Candid Wines

Brianne likes that feet in general, and her feet in particular are small as compared to punch down paddles so extraction is gentle.

Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports 9.8.15

The Syrah and Viognier that will make up the 2015 Hock and Deuce have been picked and blended.

Organic Syrah Viognier Oregon Day Wines Candid Wines

Syrah and Viognier that will be cofermented at Day Wines for Hock and Deuce.

Shortly thereafter, the blend was made – something on the order of 12 to 15% Viognier with the rest being Syrah from the Applegate Valley.

Fermentation Organic Syrah Oregon Candid Wines

Syrah and Viognier Cofermenting at Day Wines

This is a good spot to interject one of our videos with Brianne from Ask a Winemaker when she told us about why she mixes red and white grapes (sometimes).


Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports 9.7.15

Brianne writes:  “It might not look that appetizing right now, but Mamacita 2.0 tastes amazing. Grapefruit, passionfruit, lychee, orange juice, botanicals… Its like a cocktail!”

Malvasia Bianca Day Wines Mamacita 2.0 Candid Wines

Mamacita 2.0 begins to take shape…

Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports 9.6.15

“This morning at Crowley Station Vineyards. A very chilly morning for Pinot! — with Jim Fischer, Jenny Mosbacher, Jim Fischer, Vincent Fritzsche and Corey Schuster.”

Oregon Pinot Noir Harvest 2015

Jim Fischer of Crowley Station and the Picking Team

Pinot Noir Crowley Station Oregon

Haulin’ Pinot

Day Wines Crowley Station Pinot Noir Harvest 2015 2


Pinot Noir Day Wines Candid Oregon

Sorting the Crowley Station Pinot Noir. Initial reports are excitedly optimistic about the health of the fruit.


Malvasia for Mamacita 2.0 is being picked today in the Applegate Valley by Herb Quady and his team at Mae’s Vineyard.

Mamacita 2.0 Pet nat

Herb Quady’s Malvasia Bianca

“Picking Malvasia Bianca today for Brianne Day. Very little of this variety is grown in Oregon. I have no idea why because it’s Freaking Delicious.”  Herb Quady

Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports 9.4.15

“2.5 tons of beautiful Chardonnay just arrived from Belle Pente winery. I am so honored to work with this fruit. I worked for Brian and Jill in 2011 and think of them as mentors in addition to friends. It’s so sweet to have this opportunity – hopefully with the help of the coaching I received from some of the best Chardonnay producers in the valley, I’ll do this fruit justice.” – Brianne

Oregon Chardonnay Organic Belle Pente Candid Wines

Belle Pente Chardonnay fruit at Day Wines 9.5.2015

Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports 9.3.15

Checking in on the Pinot Noir at the organically farmed Cancilla Vineyard. Pick date is not set, but very soon.

Cancilla Vineyard, Oregon. 9.3.2105

Cancilla Vineyard, Oregon. 9.3.2105

Day Wines Cancilla Vineyard Harvest 2015 3
Day Wines Cancilla Vineyard Harvest 2015 2

Ken Cancilla Pinot Noir Organic Oregon Candid Wines

Ken Cancilla, Organic Pinot Noir Farmer.

Day Winery 2015 Vintage Reports 8.28.15

Brianne reports: “Crowley Station Vineyard is looking and tasting very good – I think we’re quite close to picking. It’s my fourth vintage with these guys, and each year at this time of year Jim Sr says to me, “it’s looking like it could make pretty good wine” and I say “it’s going to make great wine!” I feel like I know this vineyard pretty well at this point, it’s struggles and strengths. I’m really looking forward to 2015.”


Pinot Noir from the Crowley Station for Day Wines

August 28th, 2015, Crowley Station.



2015 will also see a new wine for Day Wines, Chardonnay sourced from… a source to be named later. Here is the fruit – you can’t see it in this shot, but it is situated on a pretty slope…

Oregon Chardonnay 2015 Harvest

Chardonnay destined for Day Wines

Such a pretty slope...

Such a pretty slope…

Harvesting Tannin?

Harvesting Tannin?  This is NOT Chardonnay (or Malvasia for that matter).

Brianne posted this picture on 9/2 saying “Last year I saw John Grochau set aside water from a barrel for the potential use of the tannins in fermentation. This year as I was empty the water from two new puncheons, I remembered that and saved it – thinking it could be useful to settle out Laccase if we get any botrytis. Has anyone tried this? Look at that color! Easy to see where the color of whisky comes from.”

I asked: “Connect the dots for me please – why would you add tannins in the case of botrytis? Damaged skins mean less tannin in reds?”

Nope. Brianne again: “Botrytis can cause an enzyme called Laccase in wine, which can cause oxidative damage. Folks in Oregon will sometimes use tannin powder during fermentation to settle or fine the Laccase out. I was thinking that a dose of wood tannin might be a less aggressive way of using tannin in that way. Most wine gets some sort of a dose of wood tannin any which way.”

Always more to learn.

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