Exploring Porter Creek Vineyards


In June 2009, I spent an afternoon touring, tasting, and talking with Alex Davis at Porter Creek Vineyards on Westside Road in Heladsburg, CA in the Russian River Valley. Alex allowed me to film him as we talked about winemaking, his family’s history in the area, and the wines that he produces and bottles at the vineyard.

The playlist above includes the “raw” files, i.e. the rough videos that I shot as we walked around. They are intentionally left unedited and they have been uploaded in low def – the goal here is to share the information with our team and with customers who have enjoyed a bottle of Alex’s wine and might want to learn a bit more.

Our YouTube channel “candidwines” is a repository for the raw videos we have collected with winemakers around the world. The best of these will end up sliced into more complete videos on “AskaWinemaker“, where we do a bit more editing and cleaning up of the content.