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Forbes’ Wine Of The Week: Barra Bella Dolce “Port”

Wine and Travel writer Katie Kelly Bell has selected the Barra Bella Dolce Petite Sirah “Port” style wine as Forbes’ Wine of the Week.

This is fortified wine that the Barra’s make from the Bella Collina Vineyard that sits on a protected plateau above the morning fog that rolls into Mendocino County most days as harvest nears. This little look was shot during the 2011 harvest.

The Bella Dolce has been a mainstay on the list at Uncommon Ground for the past year as a decadent post postprandial. More recently, Moto has added the Bella Dolce to their tasting menu, pairing it with one of their typically surprising and inventive creations, “Cookie Dough made table side”.  If you think you know what that might entail, think again, and then watch their most impressive video for a look at their unique approach to food:


From the Forbes’ Article:

Barra’s Bella Dolce Petite Sirah dessert wine is small-batch, grown from organic grapes and packaged in an engraved, very stately bottle. It sounds expensive, it looks expensive but it’s a screaming deal, especially if you’re fond of port-styled wines.

via Wine Of The Week: A Lush Petite Sirah ‘Port’ – Forbes.

The Bella Collina truly is a beautiful spot. On my last visit to the Barra’s Charlie and Martha took us up to the heart of the vineyard for a visit.  It was a cloudy, foggy day, later in the season than when Jordan was there, and we took a moment to snap a silly picture at Martha’s urging, recreating “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” on a bench in the middle of the vines… That’s Sam, formerly of  Standard Market and Bakersfield out in Westmont on the left, who is another local fan of the Barra’s work, and of course, Charlie Barra in the middle.

Hear no Evil…(Photo Credit, and Credit for the Idea: Martha Barra)

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