GM Dave Johnston Talks About The Bristol – The Gatekeepers – Eater Chicago

Our friend Dave Johnston has supported many of our small producers for years, going back to his days at Everest Dave-Johnston-Bristol-101112.jpgwhen he sought out the wines of Domaine Martin Schaetzel and Domaine Guiberteau specifically for events. Today at The Bristol, he uses many more Candid Wines, and we are flattered that he brought our producers along with him, including The Barra‘s, Girasole, and Guy Chaumont.

From Eater Chicago :

(Photo Credit: Tim Hiatt)

“Even though Dave Johnston had a pretty cush job as the GM and wine director for the award-winning Everest, he had told his wife that if he ever got the chance to work with the team behind the Bristol, which was his favorite restaurant in Chicago, he’d jump. Even though he was totally happy at Everest and wasn’t looking for a job, he got a call from a recruiter one day, who actually called him fairly often, and said a restaurant was looking for a manager. He wasn’t interested until he found out it was the Bristol so he had her set up a call. It didn’t take long for him to make a move (after six years, no less) and has been with the four-year-old Bucktown hotspot since October of 2011.”

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