Barbera {bar BEAR ah} is a Red wine grape variety, which originally comes from  Monferrato region of Italy. This red grape is one of the top 3 most-planted red grapes in Italy; its popularity is not only recognized in Italy, it is widely planted all around the world. Australia, Argentina, and USA are other countries known for their massive production of these grapes. The aromas most notable are Raspberry and cherry, with flavors of Strawberry, blueberry and plum. Wines produced from this grape are: fresh with high acidity. The wines can range from light to full body depending on the oak aging. 


Famatina Valley

This is Candid’s first and only winery from Argentina. The Co-op is located in the Famatina Valley, which is 800 miles North of Mendoza or the same distance as Oregon and Napa Valley. One would expect that distance to bring uniqueness.



Lu Monferrato is in the heart of Piemonte’s Monferrato, Asti and Alba regions. Azienda Agricole Casalone has been there since 1734, making it one of the oldest wineries in the area. Today they are still 100% family owned.


Color of grape red with purple.
Species Vitis Vinifera
Barbera Synonyms Barbera d’Asti, Barbera Dolce, Barbera Fine
Origin Monferrato region of Italy
Most common in Italy
Phonetic pronunciation bar BEAR ah

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