Biancolella (bee-yahn-ko-lay-la} is a white grape grown in central and southern Italy, mainly in Campania. There are also vineyards in Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Penisola Sorrentina, and Campi Flegrei. Biancolella’s origin comes from the Greek;

Biancolella-Pietra di Tommasone

Biancolella-Pietra di Tommasone

some say long before the founding of Rome, the Greeks settled in Ischia and brought the grapes with them, at around 800 B.C.  On the island of Ischia, the volcanic soil and mountainous terrain allows the grape to reach maturity and develop the right levels of acidity.

Wine made from Biancollela is often bright, with citrus and herbal (mint, tarragon) notes and a pale green, light yellow color when young,  developing into richer flavors evoking toasted hazelnuts with a few years in bottle.



Lucia Monti is revitalizing La Pietra, the winery that has been in the family for five generations, but not always actively producing wine.



Color of grape White
Species Vitis Vinifera
Biancolella Synonyms Bianca, Bianca Tera, Biancolella selvatica
Origin Greek
Most common in Ischia island
Phonetic pronunciation Bee-yahn-koh-lay-la

Candid Wine’s pairing suggestions.

At Candid, whenever possible, we pair Biancolella with Carpaccio of Tuna & Kona Kompachi, pickled ramps, Umami Vinagrette, Spring garden vegetables, tomato, and rendered bacon cubes.


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Around 800 B.C. the Greeks settled in Ischia island, at that moment Biancolella was introduced into a new soil.