Bracchetto {brah-KET-oh} is a red wine grape, which originally comes from Italy from the region of Piemonte. The wine from this grape is usually light-bodied, and it has different aromatic flavors. The taste and flavors most notable are: raspberries, strawberries and rose petals. This grape is mostly grown in the region of Piemonte in Italy, but there are other countries that have plantations. Other countries known for growing Bracchetto are: Italy, Australia, and USA.



Mariposa is made of Bracchetto grape. This wine is made in the traditional way so is not too sweet and is not too bubbly. Historically it was the beverage of the farmers out in the field a little bit of sugar a little bit of alcohol were giving energy and at the same time it was refreshing. The climate in this corner Northern Italy is ideal for producing the sort of wines we love; balanced fruit and acidity, elegant and often lower in alcohol. And yet many producers aggressively oak the fruit the grow or apply all sorts of modern techniques during fermentation. We prefer Casalone’s traditional approach. The wines are relatively simple, in the very best way. They are honest, satisfying wines that often show best when accompanying food made in the same manner.


Color of grape red
Species Vitis Vinifera
Bracchetto Synonyms  Borgogna, Birbet.
Origin  Piemonte(Italy)
Most common in  Italy
Phonetic pronunciation  brah-KET-oh