Carmere{kahr-mhen-NEH-re} is a red wine grape variety, which originally comes from Bordaux region in France.The grape is considered as one of the most ancient grapes from Europe, but  almost disappeared, due to Phylloxera in 1867. The grape was able to survive thanks to the French grape growers, who went to Chile in search of land to regrow this grape. Now Chile is the leader in Carmere’s production, with more than 60% of the world’s plantations. Chile has the perfect climate, with high levels of sun and warm weather; with this conditions the grape is able to perform at its best. Sadly the grape has lost popularity through the years, countries how still grow few plantations are: Italy and the U.S.A.

Nuevo Mundo Carmenere vines

Nuevo mundo grapes


Maipo Valley

Sauvignon Blanc and Carmenere, perhaps Chile’s signature varieties, are the main focus for Nuevo Mundo.  The de Martino Family prizes elegance above girth and it was recently decided that no new oak barrels would be purchased by the estate in an effort to focus on the fruit and the vineyard.

Nuevo Mundo Carmenère

Fresh and well-structured, this Carmenère sees only 30% French Oak following fermentation while the rest was kept in stainless steel before bottling. The grapes were picked at their optimum ripeness for an aromatic, fresh and balanced wine, showing all the potential of its terroir. Like all the Nuevo Mundo wines, it is produced from organically farmed grapes in Chile’s Isla de Maipo region and is certified carbon neutral.


Color of grape Blue with dark purple
Species Vitis Vinifera
Carmenère Synonyms Grand Vidure, Biturica
Origin France
Most common in Chile
Phonetic pronunciation kahr-mhen-NEH-re

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Carmenère born in france, embraced by Chile.