Cortese [cor-the-zeh] is a white wine grape grown in Italy, in the southeastern part of Piedmont.  It is also known to grow in the areas of Cortese dell’Alto Monferrato and Colli Tortonesi. Cortese di Gavi is one of the most known wines made of this grape.

Cortese characterizes for having a bone-dry character and crisp taste as well as a medium body wine. The ability for this grape to retain its freshness and the high acidity makes this grape ideal for white wine makers. The technique used for fermentation is usually malolactic and oak barrel fermentation.




Among their whites, Casalone offers a zippy Cortese that accompanies many cheeses and lighter style salami with ease. Their Malvasia Greca is something else all together. Originally from the Greek island of Monemvasia, this white grape was brought to Italy in the 18th century and is all but forgotten in Piedmont.



                   Color of grape Light Green
                   Species Vitis Vinifera
                   Cortese Synonyms Cortese Bianco, Cortese dell’ Astigliano, Fernanda bianca, Raverusto
                   Origin Italy
                   Most common in Gavi, Alto Monferrato, Colli Tortonesi, Oltrepo Pavese, Veneto
               Phonetic pronunciation cor-teh-zeh