Fiano {Fee-AH-noh} is a white wine grape mostly seen in southern Italy (Sicily to be exact). It is known for its strong flavor and concentrated aroma notes. There have been some Fiano grapes planted in Southern Australia and the United States. It has now been known as a grape that produces varietal wine as well as mixtures. The grapes that turn out to be extremely sweet end up being in sparkling wine, even though it is uncommon to be seen outside Campania and are occasionally exported.



As the home of unique varietals including the white Biancollela and the red Piedrosso, the family feels strongly that they need to proceed lightly in the winery, encouraging these unique grapes without too much intervention.


                   Color of grape Green to yellow
                   Species Vitis Vinifera
                   Fiano Synonyms Apiana, Apiano, Fiana, Fiano di Avellino
                   Origin Italy Sicily
                   Most common in Italy, USA, Argentina, Australia
               Phonetic pronunciation Fee-AH-noh







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Fiano thrives in the volcanic soils of the Apennine Mountains.