Folle Blanche

Folle Blanche {fawl BLAHNSH} is a white grape grown in the western regions of France. It was mostly known for the making of Armagnac and Cognac. Because of its acidic flavor, which intensified the aroma and balanced the finished product, it was more prone to distillation. When phylloxera arrived to France, a massive pest, vineyards were destroyed and this grape was unable to maintain its unique flavor for future productions. Because of the fight against the pest, producers discovered that grape varieties were not affected by it, therefore Folle Blanche was mixed with other productions, creating some of the great grapes of France.


Loire Valley

Their vineyards are in the heart of the Sèvre et Maine district, the most renowned area of Muscadet production.  Their vineyards have been certified organic since 1975 as well as certified Biodynamic by Demeter since 1986.

A region full of surprises is our beloved Muscadet. Jo blends Pinot Noir and Folle Blanche (20/80) to make this sparkling wine in the “Methode Traditionelle”. Sourced from Domaine de la Louveterie


      Folle Blanche

              Color of grape Green to yellow
              Species Vitis Vinifera
              Folle Blanche Synonyms Amounedat, Bordelais, Bouillon
              Origin France
              Most common in Western Loire {Pays Nantais}
               Phonetic pronunciation fawl BLAHNSH