Glera (Prosecco)

Glera{glare-a}is a white wine grape originally from Italy; this grape is mostly used for sparkling wine, although there are few still wines made from this grape. On 2009 Glera name changed and since then it is mostly referred as Prosecco. Veneto is famous for been Glera’s home, traditionally in the area of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, near Treviso.  Glera’s high acidity makes it ideal for Frizzante or spumante wine.

Fermentation method
Wines made from Glera usually are fermented through Tank method or Charmat.
In this video William Spinazze of Tenuta Santome in Treviso Italy talks about the way that Prosecco is made.




The world’s only solar powered Prosecco.  Made exclusively from the traditional Glera grape, and only from grapes that the family grows themselves,  Santome’s Proseccos are unmatched in their freshness, clarity, and value.   Bottlings include the remarkable Extra Dry, a Brut that is fermented a few days longer for more of a yeasty, drier flavors, and the single vineyard Prosecco Valdobiaddene Connegeliano, DOCG.


      Glera (Prosecco)

              Color of grape Green to yellow
              Species Vitis Vinifera
              Glera Synonyms Ghera, Glere, Grappolo Spargolo,
              Origin Italy
              Most common in Veneto
              Phonetic pronunciation glare-a