Grenache Blanc

Grenache Blanc {Gra-NASH BLANCH} is a white wine grape, Grenache origins come from Spain, but it is mostly known in France, in the region of Rhône Valley. The wines made from this grape have high alcohol and low acidity. Grenache Blanc is the fourth most planted grape in France. In California Grenache plantations have been expanding widely, specially in the Central Coast, the weather helps the grape deliver crisper acidity and the wine is known to have valuable minerals.





Emmanuel delivers the harvest to Karen each year having worked to preserve good acidity in all the varieties.  This sounds trite, we know, but in Languedoc, acidity is often traded for big bold flavors as the sun beats down in late August and early September.  Karen’s winemaking follows a similar path, extracting as much as she can from the grapes without ever seeking weight for weight’s sake.


Grenache blanc

Color of grape Yellow to green
Species Vitis Vinifera
Grenache Blanc Synonyms Garnacha blanca, Garnatxa blanca, White Grenache
Origin Spain
Most common in France and Spain
Phonetic pronunciation Gra-NASH BLANCH