Malvasia Greca

Malvasia Greca{mal-vah-zee-ah} is a white wine grape, which originally comes from the Greeks. It is said that Venetians carried them on the 13 century from a place called Monemvasia in Greek Peloponnese, now called Malvasia.

Malvasia wines are special for having different tastes, wine might range from dry to sweet, and  alcohol percentage varies among them. This type of grape is produced in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, United States and Croatia. The preferred aging for this grape is a few months on stainless steel tanks; this helps preserve the main characteristics and perfumes.



Their Malvasia Greca is something else all together. Originally from the Greek island of Monemvasia, this white grape was brought to Italy in the 18th century and is all but forgotten in Piedmont.


Malvasia Greca

Color of grape Green
Species Vitis Vinifera
Malvasia Synonyms Malvasia
Origin Greek
Most common in Italy, Spain, Greece
Phonetic pronunciation mal-vah-zee-ah