Marsanne {mahr-SAN}  is a white wine grape, which originally comes from France. This grape is widely grown in the Northern Rhône region. Apart from its origins, Australia serves as a second home for this grape.

Marsanne grape


Marsanne has a lot of Synonyms depending on the country, In Switzerlands it is known for Grosse Roussette, and in Spain it is known as Marsana. The weather tends to affect this grape in different ways; warm weather will deliver a low acid wine, while cold weather will give a more neutral wine.





Les Choix” is an orange wine, made of Marsanne that Karen and Emmanuel have fermented on skins and stalks, meaning that it is a white wine with tannin.  It should be to die for with the fried-chicken.



Color of grape Green
Species Vitis Vinifera
Marsanne Synonyms Avilleran, Avilleron, Champagne Piacentina
Origin France
Most common in Rhône, Australia, California
Phonetic pronunciation mahr-SAN