Merlot{Mer-LOW} is a red wine grape, which originally comes from Bordeaux, France. The name “Merlot” comes from Occitan region

Merlot-Château Peybonhomme

Merlot-Château Peybonhomme

in the South of France, the word means “young blackbird”. Generally the wines made from Merlot are soft, medium-bodied, and with different fruit flavors.The tannings of merlot are lower than the ones from Cabarnet Sauvignon; because of the low tannings they are both blended together making a great wine candidate for wine lovers. In France Merlot is the most planted grape; they produce more than 60% of the world’s production. Other countries know for growing these grapes are: USA, Italy, Chile, Argentina, and Australia.

What is Merlot? In this video Marc Caparone, explains more about how Merlot is made.



Merlot is the most widely planted grape on Bordeaux’s Right Bank, but these are wines where the Cabernet seems to play the starring role.

The Château sits on the banks of the Gironde river in the Côtes de Blaye, some four or five miles north east of Margaux and roughly the same distance to the south west of Paulliac.

Patrick Boudin and his family grow the grapes and make the wines at Domaine St. Anne in the “Entre Deux Mers” and Bordeaux Superior appellations. Patrick continues the family tradition that dates back to the early 20th century for both winemaking and organic farming, though he was not pre-ordained to become a winemaker.



Mario Napolini, alongside his wife and his parents, represents the latest generation in a centuries long tradition. While Mario guides the work in the cellar, Matteo and Clara, his parents, continue to oversee all work in the vineyard.


Cosimo Maria Masini and his family grow grapes on their small Tuscan estate, alongside wheat, vegetables, ducks, chickens, and olives. Theirs is an example of integrated farming at it’s height: chickens lay eggs that are combined with wheat to make pasta which can then be dressed in their own tomatoes and drizzled with olive oil from the rare Mignola Cerretana variety, all of which pair wonderfully with their white and red wines.



Charlie and Martha Barra oversee everything that happens on the more than 200 acres of organic vineyards that they own and manage in Mendocino County.  Charlie’s roots run as deep as anyone growing wine grapes in the United States with more than six decades of harvests under his belt.


Color of grape Black
Species Vitis Vinifera
Synonyms Picard, Langon
Origin France
Most common in Bordeaux and Napa Valley
Phonetic pronunciation Mer-LOW