Mourvèdre{Moor VAY Druh} is a red wine grape variety, which originally comes from Spain. This grape is mostly grown in warm weather, because it has a tendency to ripen very late. The grape is grown in many countries but the countries most know for this grape are: France, Australia, USA and Spain. This grape is used to make rose and other blends with Grenache,and  Syrah.



From just 4.5 hectaires of grapes, or roughly 10 acres, Karen and Emmanuel produce seven or eight wines each year.  The lineup is based more on potential they find in their tiny parcels than it is on any sort of a marketing plan, and for this, we love them.

Rhone Valley

The Domaine des Cèdres Côtes du Rhône is the vast bulk of the production.  Dominated by Grenache with Syrah and a bit of Carignan, the wine is like a favorite t-shirt or a comfortable pair of jeans: it might not be the cork you’ll pop when you invite the Queen of England over for dinner, but it’s a wine we open the way we reach for old jeans on Sunday morning or when going out to a local dive bar on Wednesday night.



Color of grape red with purple.
Species Vitis Vinifera
Synonyms Monastrell, Mataro, Esparte
Origin  Spain
Most common in  France, Spain
Phonetic pronunciation  Moor VAY Druh