Muscat blanc

Muscat blanc (MUHS-kat BLANCH) is a white wine grape; it is known to be the oldest grape from the Muscat family. Muscat’s origin comes from Greece, but its popularity has grown and it is currently grown all around the world. In Italy Muscat blanc is one of the most planted grapes, specially in the region of Piedmont, it is mostly used for sparkling Asti and for semi-sparkling Moscato d’Asti.

Muscat Blanc



Girasole Vineyards’ wines are made to reflect the purity of the fruit that goes into each bottle. This means a gentle touch with any oak and strict adherence to organic principles. Winemaker Jason Welch uses as little sulfur as needed and avoids any other additives.

Muscat blanc

Color of grape Light Green
Species Vitis Vinifera
Muscat blanc Synonyms Moscato (Italy), Moscatel (Spain, Portugal), France: Muscat de Frontignan
Origin Greece
Most common in France, Italy
Phonetic pronunciation MUHS-kat BLANCH